Davide Cedolin is a Ligurian based artist, mostly focused nowadays on guitar oriented music,  writing and painting.  
Davide has been involved in the independent Genovese music life since early 2000s, being part of several bands and collectives as the currently active Japanese Gum and TRÓNCO, releasing music with several electronic solo aliases, collaborating with a wide range of musicians, visual artists and labels, djing and running a venue for some years.
In conjunction with some paths changes and a progressive distancing from the urban area, Davide started a new kind of approach to music; healing the spirit and the mind spending days walking in the woods, with animals, working in the fields and enjoying the comfort of a slower style of life. 
His compositions smoothly sail between psychedelic folk, blues, instrumental free-hand-guitar and songwriting, opening up the unconscious. 


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