Davide Cedolin

"Ligurian Pastoral"

Files/Tape (75 copies Limited Edition - SOLD OUT).

Release Date: January 20, 2023.


01. Beigua (Featuring Tommaso Rolando) 8:43
02. Ca De Cavo (Featuring Mike Horn of Seawind of Battery) 05:52
03. A Water Relief In The Drought Of Summer '22 06:21
04. Wetlands 05:19
05. Timo 03:52
06. An Elegy For Mythos 05:16
07. Lische Alte (Featuring Mike Horn of Seawind of Battery) 06:44

Wood warms you three times: when you cut it, when you split it, and when you burn it
— Unknown, rural folk wisdom.

Davide Cedolin is a musician, writer, and painter who has been an active participant in the arts community of Genoa, Italy for two decades. He’s a prolific solo artist who also works closely with musical ensembles TRÓNCO and Japanese Gum. With Ligurian Pastoral, his first release on Island House Recordings, Cedolin offers a look at the rural area he’s called home for the past few years: “a tight and bent strip of land between the Ligurian sea and the Apennines mountains.”

Like other albums in Cedolin’s catalog, Ligurian Pastoral consists of instrumental compositions guided by acoustic guitar, joined here by shades of bowed upright bass and tastefully utilized field recordings. The music is lovely, uncomplicated, and patient. This is borne out of Cedolin’s lived experience of sharing a rural house in the center of the region with his son and partner. Each song is an elegant and moving portrait of a different aspect of his life: the mountain that towered over his childhood (“Beigua”), his recently-settled homestead (“Ca De Cavo”), his son (“Timo”), and a departed and fondly remembered pet (“Elegy for Mythos”).

“Nature,” says Cedolin in an essay that he wrote as a companion to Ligurian Pastoral, “can show and explain events and things better than any person by the cycle of seasons, of life and death, of lightness and darkness, of sowing and cropping.” In his music, Cedolin works towards channeling nature’s revelatory character. The aforementioned individual facets of one man’s life, located in a rural province in northern Italy, are at once singular to this artist and yet rendered universally symbolic of those fundamental elements of life: the house that is a home, affection for a loved one. That artistic refraction between the simple and the universal is no small triumph; Ligurian Pastoral accomplishes the feat of addressing this duality with tender grace and musical beauty.

- Jeff Tobias 


All songs composed by Davide Cedolin.

Performed by:
Davide Cedolin: Acoustic Guitar, Organ, Harmonica, Field Recording.
Mike Horn (Seawind Of Battery): Lap Steel and Electric Guitar on “Ca de Cavo (Empty House) and “Lische Alte”.
Tommaso Rolando: Double Bass on “Beigua”
Giacomo Bozzo: Field Recording on “A water relief in the drought of Summer ‘22”.

This album is dedicated in the loving memory of Mythos (2011-2022).

Home recorded between May and September 2022 in Fagaglia, IT.
Field recordings come from here and surrounding areas.
Additional home recordings by Mike Horn and Tommaso Rolando.
Mixed by Davide Cedolin.
Artwork and pictures by Davide Cedolin.
Layout by Island House Recordings.

Ligurian Pastoral exists in its own time and space. It’s in no hurry to get to the end of its placid compositions, nor, after a while, is the listener. But it does take some adjustment, some slowing, some calming, some willingness to sit with this music, to get to its pleasures. Put it on with the sun streaming in and the whole afternoon idling in front of you. It will unfold like a flower.

Jennifer Kelly - DUSTED MAGAZINE

Cedolin has a knack for memorable hooks but presents them in such an understated way that they slip by in the moment, only to be revealed down the road when I find myself humming his music at unexpected moments. Ligurian Pastoral is like a series of sonic still lifes, intricate and personal, that can’t help but warm our collective spirit.


This tape is autobiographical after all, refractions of daily routines, faces, and landmarks that words often falter when attempting to explain the gracefulness of; the vibe is something that you make of it. This winter, San Diego county has had a bounty of storms this winter. Ones that which our rapidly disappearing (see the word “aridification”) Mediterranean climate glisten back to life for brief spurts. When I listen to this tape, all I see are outside are a rainbow of greens, my own pastoral that that this tape gives me thanks for.


The atmosphere on this record is very thick, and it suggests warm nostalgic images of pastoral landscapes, which for Cedolin, would be the rural areas between the Ligurian sea and the Apennines mountains.Between the tenderness of his guitar work and the overall wistful vibe of songs like the gentle “A Water Relief in the Drought of Summer,” you get the sense that Cedolin is totally immersed in his memories, and he’s sharing their intimate details with us all.As idyllic, comforting and hushed as an early sunrise, Ligurian Pastoral is a gorgeous guitar record that you’ll want to revisit whenever life starts to feel too busy and full of noise.



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