"Embracing The Unknown" 200 copies Limited Edition


Good day everybody, finally we have records!

This is a very limited edition of 200 copies on 180grams heavy wax, impressively packaged in a stunning artwork print by Troppa Trama, silk screen on recycled olives made paper the cover, risograph on recycled mandarin paper the insert.

You can order your record straight on the bandcamp page:


And in Uk Norman Records:


A couple of live videos from two different shows here:



'Each track is packed so densely with intermingling disparate tones, it’s nearly overwhelming at times (in the best way possible). However, what keeps this album grounded is its earthy mentality. The sound of the record is deep and murky, while the rhythms are languid in pace. Playing this album makes you feel like you’ve truly come home’. From https://recordcratesunited.com/

‘A presence in the cycle of visionary folk creativity that is livening up underground music and that Davide Cedolin expresses through a poetic flow of environmental awareness. The breath of the roots expands with a yearning of folk blues magic, radiating notes in a subsequent flourishing of rainbows and curved airs, between minimal reflections, psychedelia and intense songwriting. Gems of dew in the enchanting harmonic solutions of three mini albums that sublimate in very fine avant-psych-folk iridescences generated by “Embracing the Unknown’. http://plenirockium.altervista.org/

‘Psychedelic folk may cover a lot of ground, but it’s the perfect description of this gently hypnotic, languid groove from Ligurian artist Davide Cedolin. ‘Vanishing Sky‘ is the first release from his forthcoming debut album ‘Embracing the Unknown‘ and it gives a pretty good representation of the approach and feel of the album...plenty of psychedelia going on, with swirling, delay-drenched guitars, reverb-soaked electric piano and a rumbling bass powering the track along...' https://americana-uk.com/

‘You get enraptured by his mesmeric as well as drunk/drugging swinging motion. That's what happens with Woke, Destination Unknown, Loosely, and if you dare to stand up, you go through the slow downfall off the spire of Silver Pines. You might play this instrumental track on loop.’ https://www.inkoma.com/


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