Davide Cedolin

“Embracing the Unknown”

Torto Editions (TRT009) & Marsiglia Records (M079)

Release date: June 30th 2021
Item (vinyl) ships out on or around September 30, 2021

 Pre-order available on bandcamp 

"Embracing The Unknown" is the debut full-length album from Davide Cedolin, 

a plural artist based in the countryside of a typical seaside region of North-West Italy.

After a bunch of EPs available on his bandcamp page, Davide's first album has been developed on the concept of the "Unknown" and how to deal with it, especially in an era where everything seems so close, fast and easy to know and get but where the compromise between the quality and the timing of the informations often goes in contradiction. 

Embracing The Unknown is, somehow, a way of blind trust to the veiled patterns that life has, a lost geography of imaginary paths and landscapes submerged by the multiple daily stimulations; Embracing The Unknown is about the choice of losing control, intentionally.

It happened during a camping in the middle of a dried river bed, "Embracing The Unknown" had been a whisper blowing by the warm breeze at sunset.


You can feel it quite clearly in ‘Destination Unknown’, a soft ballad built over a subtle psych-blues progression with Davide intent in describing the scenery all around him, even though nature is constantly present over the entire album: right from its title ‘Rites Under The Moon’ evokes a night mellow atmosphere; and crickets are chirping all the time during ‘Silver Pines’, a guitar number indebted to the Virginian native Daniel Bachman.

The album features Ryan Jewell (Ryley Walker, Steve Gunn, Chris Forsyth) on drums and the band includes also talented and eclectic local musicians, providing a different shade on every track: folk is the main ingredient but is enriched with alt-country tempos (‘Loosely’), hallucinogenic vibes (‘An Echo’), western frontier imaginary (‘Vanishing Sky’) and lots of other compelling ideas. A vast landscape to breathe into and take some time.

"Embracing the Unknown" has been mastered by Patrick Klem in Durham, NC. 


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